Sunday, 5 December 2010

Stupid Creations (or not!)

I was searching through one of my fave blogs when I found the cutest image ever. I gladly saw that it belonged to (I bet a lot of you know this tumblr!). Curious as I am, I searched this tumblr and went straight to it. 

This awesome-slash-cute-slash-adorable-slash-everything-else blog is property of Minnie, an australian girl who has a super talent for creating this super cute and adorable images. She's an amazing artist! I think she's beginning to make her merchandise collection, with keychains and t-shirts.

Here are some of her [not] stupid creations!

Hope you like it!


  1. Quem me dera que o meu fosse de Biologia...mas vai ser de Química --'

  2. oh thank you so much! :)
    those creations are super lovely.

  3. Pois, esse é o problema. Depois já não encontro as coisas que quero. Mas eu estou a ver se consigo ir na mesma este fim de semana ;P

  4. these are super super lovely!!!

    xx, Sabinna and David