Sunday, 28 November 2010

I grew up with Harry Potter, did you?

One day, when a little girl was shopping with her mum, she didn't know her life was going to change from that day on. That was the day when the little girl got her first Harry Potter book.

The little girl was really excited. She read every night and she finished the book two months later, during Christmas holidays. The little girl didn't want the book to end, and she cried while reading the last page. She changed her Christmas list and she added: "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" book.

Her mummy was really surprised, but as she always thought that reading was good, she encouraged her daughter to read more, and so she gave her the second book.

Years passed and the little girl read all the books. She eventually forgot them, when she became a super fan of Disney's High School Musical. But even then, she finished the last book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. 


Two years later, she forgot about High School Musical and she began to read the Twilight series. The little girl was no more a little girl, she was now a teenager. She had friends who were crazy about Twilight, who wore t-shirts with Edward's face in it. She was never like that, probably because, deep inside, she never forgot Harry Potter.

That little girl was me.

Now I forgot my passions over High School Musical and Twilight. I feel I grew up. Those series were part of my growing process, and they contributed to it. I made new friends, I entered in new adventures (like our class's own HSM's musical, where I played Gabriella) and just grew up phisically and mentally, as well.

With the premiere of the last film (divided into 2 parts), I started realising I much I still love Harry Potter. Of all the passions I've had, Harry Potter was the one that marked me. 

I reread all the books. I cried when Sirius died, when Dumbledore died, when Mad-Eye died, when Dobby died, when Fred, Lupin (Lupin! I always loved his character) and Tonks died. Even when Hedwing died. I cried in the last chapter, when Harry battles Voldemort and wins. I "lived" these books. I laughed and, as I said, I cried. I felt the suspense and their feelings.

This series taught me how to read. Taught me how to feel what the characters are feeling. That's what I think is reading. You should never read a book like you read your history book, for example. That's not reading.

Last night I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1. I have to say, I loved it. The special effects, once more, amazed me. Their acting is much much better than the first films. They grew up, and you notice that. Harry isn't that innocent little kid who didn't know what magic was. Hermione cares much more for her friends. Ron is more determinated. You can really see Ron and Hermione's love rising through the film, although they don't really notice it!

I was a bit disappointed when they didn't show Harry's photo as a baby in the little broomstick. And I wished they used Harry's Invisibility Cloak a little bit more. They were supposed to. But, hey!, I know they can't do everything from the book!

As they say in the poster, this is Harry Potter's epic finale. I don't agree. It may be in the films, but Harry Potter will always live in our hearts and minds, because there're a lot more people in this world who, like me, grew up with these books. There are people who, like me, will never forget what these books have taught us: friendship, courage and love. And a bit of magic, of course.

All I have to say is I can't wait for summer to come. And I'm sorry for this really long post.

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