Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Anne Hathaway, Annie for fans

I'm sure a lot of you know her. She's my favourite actress ever. I grew up with the Princess Diaries books, and the films were also there. I still love to watch them and I laugh every single time, though I know all the jokes and most of their lines. Call me obsessed, call me crazy. Truth is, I have a very good memory.

I've seen a lot of her films. She's an amazing actress, and also a role model. I don't want to be an actress when I grow up. She's a role model because of her life style: no scandals, no fame-into-head. Just a simple life, with a not-so-simple job, acting.

One of my favourite parts of the film.

Get Smart smarties.

So Audrey Hepburn!
(her idol, in case you don't know)

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