Friday, 29 October 2010

I Love You, London

London is definitely my favourite city in the whole world. That's why I created this new [sort of] theme. When I ended my header, I was positively surprised. I actually liked it a lot! It's not a masterpiece, I know! But I'm really proud of this header. It's simples and yet gorgeous.

I was trying to get inspiration from when I saw this beautiful picture of Big Ben and decided to show you my favourite city. Most of you probably have been there. I've never, actually. Quite lame, huh?

Then why do I say it's my fave city? Let me try to explain.

London has something magical about it. Most people will say Paris is magical, but I think it's London. The people, the culture, the city itself, everything about London is loved by me.

Don't you just love those telephone cabs? What about Madame Tussauds? And the London Eye? So many places to visit and enjoy, right?

London at night is... well, I have no words. I guess breath-taking is the proper one. Just look at the scenery.

And the street style? A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. They dress up with confidence, which makes the outfit and themselves "pop out" even more.
They combine different styles of clothing, which makes their style something unique and worth being seen.

Just take a look at this example, from Super cute, right?

And what about these two from Tanya?

Gorgeous skirt and stilettos, hein?

I wish I had an umbrella like that!

There is a lot more to say about London, as it's obvious, but I can't say it all. The only thing I can do is just keep dreaming to visit this beautiful, amazing and wonderful city.

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